Reggio is a city with an ancient history. It’s one of the eleven metropolitan cities of Italy, the biggest of Calabria, it holds a great artistic and cultural heritage in more than seven museums. It has a wonderful landscape. When you say Reggio you say: Fata Morgana, Bronzi di Riace, Bergamotto, good food and amusement. Especially in summer (but also in other seasons) nightlife never ends. Clubbing are very popular, but if you want to taste our local products I recommend a cafe, an ice-cream shop, a typical pubs or pizzerias.   To visit: National Museum of Magna Grecia(500 mt), city picture gallery(200 mt), Cathedral, greek walls and roman thermae, Ottimati’s church, aragonese castle, Pythagoras planetary. To eat: a brioche with ice-cream to Cesare’s, an “arancino” to Preistorici’s, a bergamot cake, macaroni with sauce goat , scabbard rolls (spatola) and the “Fravaglia”(typical fried fish), a gas coffee and one of the delicious Pellaro, Arghillà or Sambatello wines. Troughout the waterfront, like Miami and Barcellona, a free Wi-Fi network is available and for further information you can phone 0965 6666 “Chi-Ama Reggio”. Among the many famous sentences from Tucidite to Dante in “Divine Comedy”, from Delfi’s oracle to Giovanni Pascoli and Gabriele D’Annunzio, we mention: “Here is the ancient Reggio, whose origins are lost in the mists of time! To touch the city land, I feel a great emotion if I think two thousand years ago Paul of Tharsus arrived here, and here the people apostle lit the first Christian faith torch;” (Giovanni Paolo II- october 7 1984) “Reggio is a great garden, one of the finest places we can find in the Planet.”(Edward Lear – Diario di un viaggio a piedi, 1852)      JOIN         Abacvs      services      BROWSE Abacvs gallery and look our rooms            INFO: (+39) 339 82 95 444 (+39) 0965 592942 SEND E-MAIL   INTERACTIVE           MAP             Find Abacvs      Look the map Services City Home Rooms Rates Location Contact us